Cheltenham PubLIC Hearts presents 1st Defibrillator to Moon Under Water

Cheltenham PubLIC Hearts presents 1st Defibrillator to Moon Under Water

Our Director, Clare is proud to be the co-founder of PubLIC Hearts Cheltenham with Chris Hickey, working with Cheltenham BID Gloucestershire Police and South West Ambulance Service Foundation Trust to raise awareness and numbers of lifesaving defibrillators in Cheltenham. The campaign has got off to a great start with funds being raised already by licensed premises in Cheltenham to have their own defib. With many pubs having extended opening hours and being well-known local landmarks, it makes sense for these sites to have a defibrillator. Moon Under Water on Bath Rd customers have shown great generosity in filling donation tins and here we are sharing their defibrillator with them earlier this month. With over 20 donation tins currently sited in Cheltenham licensed premises, we look forward to the continued success of this campaign.

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